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Recycled bottle birdfeeders


The weather is fantastic at the moment but we still need to make preparations for the cold days ahead.  We made some bird feeders with recycled bottles.  We filled them with peanuts and hung them in the trees.  Watch this pace for more autumn projects.


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Salad days


It’s been a lovely hot summer which has been great for growing.  We have harvested potatoes, tomatoes, french beans, broad beans, string beans, peas, courgettes, beetroot, salad, herbs, onions, garlic, strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries and edible flowers including nasturtiums, cornflowers, borage and marigolds.  We enjoyed a bumper summer salad and were particularly impressed with our rainbow beetroot.

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Elderflower lemonade, wildflowers and strawberries


Our wildflower garden is looking luscious even though it is only just beginning to burst into flower.  We have a number of edible flowers which we hope to try as well as some very Bee happy varieties.  We have an Elderberry bush in the corner of the garden so decided to try to make some Elderflower cordial which the kids just loved.


Pint of water

Four heads of elderflowers in full bloom

1kg of castor sugar

2 tbsp white wine vinegar

Juice of two lemons (can add the grated rind for more punch if required)

We dissolved the sugar in the water on the stove and added the lemon juice.  Once it had cooled slightly we added the flower heads and vinegar. We left it to infuse for 15 mins before sieving and then mixing with either fizzy or still water to taste and lots of ice. Delicious –  and all washed down with the first of our strawberry harvest.



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Fabulous Fundraiser


We had a brilliant day last Sunday hosting a fabulous Fundraiser and Open Day.  The weather was kind to us and lots of people came along to support us.  Our photos show some of the many helpers making the day such a success.  Activities included growing salads in salad boxes, making recycled bottle flowers and badges and foraged flower pancakes.  The cakes and drinks stall was a winner and the kids loved storytelling with Mrs Mash.  Thanks to everyone for a great day.